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Shakespeare’s Fairies

Ages: 5-7

Dates:  June 24-28

Times:  10am-4pm

The Fairies need our help in restoring their forest dwellings, and bringing in the magic of Shakespeare to begin our summer theatre. You will make fairy crafts, learn the special fairy songs, dances, and words from Shakespeare's plays. This week long intensive is for believers of fairy magic, and lovers of forest discoveries. 

Tuition: $425

A Day at Fairy Camp: 

10:00 Arrival, checking garden, nature crafting, tea making, and other tasks for the day 

10:30 Maypole Circle: Throughout the week we will learn different dances and songs from Shakespeare's plays

10:45 Fairy Snacks & play 

11:00 1st Craft of the Day 

11:30  A walk to "Hawk's Nest" for Shakespeare Story Theatre 

12:00 A walk further into the woods for "Fairy Village" creations

12:30  Lunch and free play 

1:00  2nd Craft of the Day 

1:30  More Shakespeare Story Theatre 

2:00  More Fairy Village creations 

2:30  Rest, fairy stories, and music 

3:00  Teatime and Dress Up! Play on stage or in the Fairy Room 

3:30  Maypole Circle for sharing of the day. 

3:45  Clean up and Pack Up 

At the end of the final day, we will have a sharing. Follow your child around to the different areas and see what they have created over the week! 

Advice to parents: be sure that your child is truly interested in the activities that we are offering. This is a gentle, sweet camp. We love taking the days slowly with time to watch for tree frogs, and gathering leaves and twigs to create a fairy house. If your child is seeking a faster-paced day, please consider one of the Shakespeare Intensives we offer for starting for 8-year-olds with The Apprentices. 

Teaching Staff: Dawn Menola, Sue Rexford, and Lesley Sawhill. All with many years of experience working with and teaching young children. We also have a staff of assistants who will be leading your child to the different activities throughout the day and being their buddy for any special needs that might come up. 

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