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The Complete Works of Shakespeare

The Journey Continues 


Parts 1 & 2 

Ages: 9-14  

Tuesdays  1:00-4:00 PM

Part 1: Jan 31 - Mar 14 (Mar 21 snow date) 7 classes

Part 2: Mar 28 - May 16 8 classes 

Fee: Part 1-$280, Part 2-$320  10%discount for both 

ACT III, parts 1 & 2 Shakespeare's plays are explored weekly, with discussion and acting out of the story focusing on short scenes and monologues.  Winter brings us a wonderful opportunity for play and studies inside without an end goal of a presentation. Spring will offer us use of the Tiring House, Hawk's Nest, and the Stage to continue the study and work towards a final presentation on May 16th. 

Through this study, we gain a fuller understanding of Shakespeare's work, world, how he developed as a playwright, and our personal connections to his characters. 

Curriculum Connections: Classic Literature and Plays, Deep reading and comprehension, Theatre History, and Public Speaking.

Winter Part 1 Plays: Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V, As You Like It, Merry Wives of Windsor

Spring Part 2 Plays: Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Troilus and Cressida

Classes will be held at The Olive Free Library or The Little Globe Theatre depending on the weather. 

Homeschooling Shakespeare Study

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