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The Play 

On the eve of her best friend’s funeral, a 95 year old with Alzheimers and her 60 year old daughter in law enter the magical world of a 1950s regional theatre production of Rebecca by Daphne DuMarier. A play about the triumph of imagination over anxiety, depression, and grief.

Liz and Lesley's Dream

During Covid time, Liz and Lesley began meeting weekly to take long walks, share in the grieving of losing their mothers, and dream of theatre projects that would support their craving for writing and performance. After months of doing a weekly acting workshop together, studying and rehearsing existing texts, they realized a story that needed to be told and they would have to develop, and ultimately perform. As two actresses that had spent the past many years teaching, this would be the path back to their initial passion - acting! And why not follow their dream to present in New York City, Edinburgh, and beyond!?

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Get to Know Us

New York @ 59E59 Theatre July 19 & 20 @ 6:30PM 

July 22 @ 2:30 


Edinburgh Fringe Festival 

August 23-26 @ 12PM 

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