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2019 WINTER/SPRING Dates and Tuition

The Chekhov Project 
A deep delve into Anton Chekhov’s work and how it helped to shape an actor’s way of working because of his timely connection to Stanislavki’s work with the Moscow Art Theatre. We will spend time reading the plays together, discussing themes, selecting plays to be developed through a rehearsal process culminating in 3 final performances. 

Ages: 13-17 (prior master class training, or audition required) 

Sundays: February 3 – May 12

Presentation Dates: Friday, May 17 @ 8PM and Sunday, May 19 @ 6:30PM  At Denizen Theatre, New Paltz

Tuition Fee:   $450 Paypal or Check due by Feb 3                                                       or  4 monthly payments of $120 due by check the Feb 3, Mar 10, Apr 7, May5



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