Rehearsal Overview

A scene from Comedy of Errors, 2011

Mounting a full production in just two weeks is quite an undertaking. Before the Summer Intensives get underway, we meet for the Bard Warm Up Session where we get to know each other and the material before heading into the Summer Intensive.

rehearsal processIn the FIRST WEEK class work and rehearsals will be held on site at The Little Globe Stage, or at a nearby indoor space. We focus on a sense of the action, emotion, and relationship of the characters in the play. Then we work very quickly to define the blocking (action). Actors gain an understanding of the techniques of staging and character development. There is also an enormous building of the group dynamic as we realize that we are all working together to make this project happen, and that everyone’s involvement is so important to the whole process. We begin to bond and build on everyone’s efforts as we finish the first week.

THE WARM-UP is essential to prepare for our work each day. The focus of the warm-up combines:

  • Voice work: developing flexible and strong voices that will meet the needs of the play and performing in an outdoor theatre.
  • Physical work: developing flexible bodies ready to take on the blocking and physical life for their character, and needs of the play.
  • Song: If there is a song in the play we use this during our warm-up to practice and also warm-up our voices.

TempestScriptWe always begin our day with an “Opening Circle” before beginning the warm-up. We wrap up the day’s rehearsal with a “Closing Circle”. The Director’s notes for the group are then followed by a “Closing Check-in.” Individual notes will be given to each actor, as needed, after morning warm-up the next day.

By the SECOND WEEK rehearsals will be on site at the Little Globe Outdoor Stage in preparation for our performances at the end of this second week (Friday-Sunday). Each day we work through scenes from the play and work toward a complete run through so that we understand the play as a whole. We will find and decide on props then finalize the costume decisions. Now we spread the word and invite people to come see our wonderful production! When Opening Night comes- we will be confident that we have an amazing production showcasing our ability as actors and as an ensemble of people working together.

Summer Intensives culminate in a weekend of final performances at the Little Globe Outdoor Stage located in West Shokan. Performances-5pm are open to the public. Parents are asked to volunteer for various tasks such as the box office, concession stand, and parking. Bring blankets, chairs, family, friends and a merry heart!