Doll House Benefit 2011

A memorable benefit event for our NGP’s Youth Scholarship Fund

At the end of 2011 New Genesis Productions created a site-specific production in the parlor of a local inn with adult actors as princples and a handful of young actors from our youth troupe in the supporting roles. Mounting Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House was a wonderful experience for all. The purpose of the production was to raise funds for our scholarship fund providing area youth with educational opportunities in the performing arts.  To this end it was financially a great success, thanks to the generosity of the actors, the audience and the Twin Gables Guesthouse. 

Artistically it was also a great success, receiving high acclaim from our audience and critics alike. From this wonderful experience the idea of expanding our mission to include productions with adult actors is now being entertained. At the very least, we are exploring how this production of A Doll House can be remounted in other parlors with these exceptional actors. We do this for the shear joy of doing theatre but also get our actors tangible remuneration for their work.  Look for A Doll House playing in a parlor near you!

Director: Lesley Sawhill
Cast: Holly Graff, Liz Boiko, Joe Bongiorno, Mark Kanter, Nick Kolba (Not pictured —Marley Alford, Lachlan Brooks, Luna Kolba, Helena Orjaroski, and Brandon Sawhill-Aja).