As You Like It 2012

As You Like It
Directed by Lesley Sawhill
July 13-15, 2012 ~ Little Globe Outdoor Stage, West Shokan
Photos by Ted Ojarovsky
The fool doth think he is wise,
but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
—Act V, scene 1

CREDITS: Production Manager–Ron Aja; Stage Manager–Helena Ojarovsky; Assistant to Stage Manager–Lorien Gerber; Set Design–Ron Aja; Music Design–Jack Warren; Seamstress–Grian MacGregor; Photography–Ted Ojarovsky & Brandon Sawhill-Aja; Script Editing–Lachlan Brooks; Graphic Design & website–Cheryl Taylor; Videographer–Michael Gaylin; Vocal Coach–Cassie Mahoney; Ad Sales–Naomi Mc Cann; Concession Coordinators–Beatrice Alford & Mark Kanter; Grounds Team: Tiffanie Delozier, Helena Ojarovsky, Brandon Sawhill-Aja, Eli Sorich, & Jack Warren. As always, a hearty thanks to all the parents of the cast members who took on the tasks of sewing, parking, driving, baking, greeting, tickets, rehearsals, and cleaning up.