New Genesis Productions Youth Theatre offers a fearless approach to the work of William Shakespeare that encourages young actors to challenge themselves and to explore the beauty, relevance, and poetry of his plays through the one and two-week summer day programs for ages 7-18.


These programs are designed to help students better understand themselves through the world and language of Shakespeare. They develop their acting, voice, and movement skills by creating roles, as well as experiencing the magic of rehearsing and performing as a company on the enchanting Little Globe Outdoor Stage. 

Shakespeare’s Fairies

Ages: 5 -- 7
Dates:  July 5 -- 9
Times:  10am - 2pm

The Journeymen:
The Tempest

Ages 11 -- 13  
Date: July 19 -- 31 
Time: 10 am -- 4pm

The Apprentices: 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Ages 7 -- 10
Dates: July 12 -- 17 2021
Times: 10am -- 4pm

COVID Safety Protocols at The Little Globe Outdoor Stage: All programs are being offered outside with safety protocols being followed. On the occasion that the weather makes this impossible, we will provide virtual zoom 1-hour sessions and/or additional time to other days. Performances may be canceled and rescheduled. 

The Young Masters:

Twelfth Night

Ages 14 --18 
Date: August 2-15
Time:   11am -- 5pm

Summer Shakespeare Intensives