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Shakespeare Story TheatreNew Genesis Productions’ Shakespeare Story Theatre

Shakespeare makes connections to ourselves and each other, opening the heart and waking up the brain. Shakespeare Story Theatre offers fun engagement for children ages 5-12.
Book an Event by April 23 (Will’s Birthday) and we will give you a discount of 15% off the program price!

Event Presentation
“All the World’s a Stage…” Shakespeare Story Theatre is an interactive retelling of one of Shakespeare’s plays with a storyteller leading the action. Participants are drawn from the audience and cast in roles to play out the story as it is told with action, and small bits of text. Ideal as a first introduction to Shakespeare’s stories and language, there is plenty of playful engagement for everyone!

Runs 40 minutes, for community or school audience, for classroom or small assembly, with 5-12 year old participation.
Fee: $450 (with 15% Discount $382.50) + mileage at .25 a mile

Workshop Program
Shakespeare Story Theatre can be explored in a longer setting with a short or long Workshop Program. A Shakespeare comedy will be the focus for a single session of 2-3 hours, or an extended 3-10 session performance based project.

For ages 9-12
Fee: $450-$1,000 depending on program length. (Includes any travel costs).

All workshops include:

  • Overview of Shakespeare’s life and theatre
  • Understanding of and playful interaction with Shakespeare’s language
  • Direction in developing a character, and working as an ensemble
  • Learning a song or dance as it happens in the play
  • Longer performance based projects culminate in a final performance

Shakespeare: “He was not of an age, but for all time.”
(Ben Jonson ~ preface to the First Folio of 1623)
NGP’s goal: Connecting Shakespeare to a New Generation!

Artistic Director, Lesley Sawhill